03/19/2020 UPDATE


To follow the CDC guidelines and ensure that all our guests and staff are protected during the current Coronavirus situation we have elected to close the spa as we are unable to accommodate the suggested 6 feet guideline in the spa. Our pools are still open however we have measured all chairs and have them now arranged in the guidelines of 6 feet apart. We have hand sanitizer, antibacterial soaps and cleaners that all meet guidelines and working to keep everyone safe. 

We posted earlier about the beach closures but would like to mention all public beaches, national parks, public library, museums and tourist attractions have been closed. Restaurants are operating at 50% and some are closed.  Most novelty stores have also closed.  We are keeping up to date on all closures and steps to be taken with the websites we provided earlier on FB. Please call for questions and stay safe.


As of Tuesday, March 17, 2019, Steamboat Landing is open. However, there are closures happening in the area all around us daily.   Safety measures at SBLR are the same as the CDC guidelines. SBLR has used Lysol and sanitized the pools and spa. The pools are open if SBLR is open.   

Please check back often or message us. Please feel free to email us at:

Thank you for your understanding during this time. 

Also, beaches and business have closed and are closing. Check the FB page for more up-to-date information



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